Our travel services

MedPlaza provides dedicated travel advice and vaccinations. We are an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre.
We stock most common travel vaccinations.

General travel advice and tips

Travel can be stressful if unexpected health issues arise. Preparation is key and we suggest you see one of our general practitioners for specific advice for your itinerary. Depending on the destination and complexity of travel it is best to seek advice early as some conditions require multiple vaccinations over time. In addition, travelling while pregnant, with children or with multiple medical conditions can affect the advice and preparation for your trip. See this section for more general advice.

Diseases and medical conditions

The risk of contracting some medical conditions or diseases are more common when travelling. See this section for a general run down of conditions ranging from traveller's diarrhoea to Zika virus infection.

Vaccinations and Prevention

Vaccinations and preventative measures are essential in protecting your health while travelling. MedPlaza stocks most common vaccines. We are an accredited yellow fever vaccination centre and provide WHO international certificates for travel to yellow fever declared countries.