General medical care

Our contractor female and male general practitioners provide medical care in all areas of general practice. All of the GPs are Australian trained and are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). In addition, the GPs hold further qualifications in the areas of Child Health, Women's Health and Family Planning, and Aviation medicine. They provide acute care, and management of chronic disease of such conditions as diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Our contractor doctors are strongly committed to preventative health management. Our practice nurse assists our GPs.

Child Health and Immunisations

Our contractor doctors have extensive experience in paediatrics, some hold diplomas in Child Care. They provide comprehensive care for all your child's health needs. This includes baby checks, monitoring of growth and development, immunisations, management of minor injuries and general medical problems. They provide vaccinations for children from 4 weeks to 4 years of age. The GPs can also organise for catch up vaccinations for school aged children. It is our doctors' policy to fit in sick children when they need urgent medical care even if they don't have an appointment.

MedPlaza also provides a specialist paediatric service. Dr Tony Liu, a specialist paediatrician, attends our practice on Fridays. He is a general paediatrician and covers all areas of paediatrics. A private fee is payable for this service and a Medicare rebate may be available.

Women's Health

Our contractor doctors provide a range of services including antenatal shared care, postnatal care, preganancy tests, menopause management, pap tests and breast examinations. We provide preventative health checkups especially where there is a risk factor for significant disease. Such risk factors may include a history of smoking, excessive weight, high cholesterol, family history of heart disease or diabetes.

Family Planning and Contraception

Our contractor GPs provide advice and care in areas of reproductive & sexual health including implanon insertion and removal, IUD removal, contraception, subfertility or infertility and STI screening.

Dr Ying Shi Zhou specialises in insertion of IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices) including Mirena and Copper. A private fee is payable for this service and a Medicare rebate may be available.

Dr Marina William also specialises in insertion of IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices) including Mirena. She also manages medical terminations of pregnancy. A private fee is payable for these services and a Medicare rebate may be available.

Accredited antenatal care

All contractor GPs at MedPlaza are accredited for managing shared antenatal care. This service is available if you are attending a public maternity hospital clinic. It allows you to see your own GP for most of your routine antenatal visits. Public hospital maternity units are regional and women in the Concord area seeking public care are assigned to RPA in Camperdown. For your antenatal visits, you see your GP every month for the first six months, fortnightly for the next two months and then every week for the last month. Your GP will arrange blood tests and ultrasounds. You will attend the public antenatal clinic 3 times during your pregnancy at around 16, 30 and 37 weeks.

Skin cancer checks

The doctors all perform full skin checks. As the rates of skin cancer in Australia continue to grow, it is very important to be vigilant in maintaining good skin health. We encourage a regular skin check for all our patients. If any suspicious lesions are detected we are able to biopsy or excise the lesion for further assessment, or refer you to a specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Iron Infusion Clinic

The doctors perform intravenous iron infusions Ferinject. If you are a new patient to the practice you will require a consultation with the GP prior to administering the infusion. A private fee is payable for this service and a Medicare rebate may be available. See the fees page for more information.

Travel and Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic

The GPs can provide you with advice regarding overseas travel. We stock most of the required travel vaccinations which are provided at a fee. We are an accredited yellow fever vaccination clinic. Please discuss your specific requirements with your doctor. Please be aware that some immunisations require multiple vaccinations over a period of time and you may need to plan these well in advance of your travel.

Workplace Injuries and Pre-employment Medicals

The GPs are happy to see you for work related illness and accidents. Please mention to our receptionist that your consultation may be wrokcover related or discuss it with your doctor during your consultation. We are happy to liaise with Workcover and your workplace to ensure a safe return to work. We also provide medical checkups for insurance and employment purposes. In most cases, a long appointment will be necessary. These services attract a fee.

DAME Aviation Medicals

Dr Marek Steiner is an accredited medical examiner (DAME) for CASA. He conducts medical examinations for pilots and air traffic controllers. A long appointment is required and a fee is payable on the day.

Consultation or Service Fee incl. GST
Medical Class 1 or 3

Medical Class 2

If required: ECG, Audiometry, Spirometry

$44 each
(No Medicare rebate available)